Announcing The First LIT Meetup!

Ladies in Tech was always meant to be more than just a web site. We launched our podcast late last year and now for 2014 we’re introducing the first of the Ladies in Tech Meetups. The idea of getting a group of Ladies in Tech enthusiasts in one room for an evening is really exciting.

Our first meetup is centered around helping you develop your next (or first!) talk idea. All you need is the beginning of an idea for a talk you’d like to do. A partial idea, a finished idea, a medium idea, any kind of idea will do. Bring that and yourself and we’ll work together to help flesh out your idea.

The evening will feature a talk from our special guest, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, on how she got started speaking. Then we’ll break out into groups, each with an experienced industry speaker, to work with you on your talk ideas. You’ll leave with a stronger talk idea and suggestions for where to take it next. We’re aiming for a fun and productive evening!

Tickets are $20 for this evening of abstract building hosted by the nice folks at Razorfish Healthware. Join us from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Feb 25th in Philadelphia to be part of the first Ladies in Tech Meetup!

Contact us with any questions about the meetup!

3 thoughts on “Announcing The First LIT Meetup!

  1. Laura Kalbag

    Aw, this sounds sooo good. But so many thousands of miles away…

    I’d love to look at potentially organising a UK/south/south-east/Brighton branch. I’m sure I could find some fab mentors. Is it too early in the day to be thinking about going more worldwide?


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