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In which we ask women in public speaking to share their thoughts and stories.

Watch Yourself

By Jenn Downs When I first had the idea to write an article comparing my very first speaking gig with my most recent one, I thought I would share the following narrative: Woman gives her first talk and nervously babbles for 45 minutes. Woman can’t bring herself to watch a video of her first talk […]

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The Best Advice on Public Speaking

The first season of the Ladies in Tech podcast is in the books! As we get ready to kick off season 2 this Thursday, we want to take a look back at one of the questions from Season 1: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on public speaking? We had such a fun […]

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Avoiding the Condo Timeshare Sales Pitch

By Stacey Mulcahy As long as I can remember, I have loved to give toasts. It didn’t matter the occasion; it didn’t matter if there even was one. I would find a reason. Imagine the little blonde five-year-old, teetering as she stood on her dinner chair with juice box in hand, congratulating her brother who […]

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Website:’s “Secret” RFP List

By Rachel Nabors

Confessions of a public speaker

When I first started speaking, I quickly exhausted my local conferences and needed to find other events that would accept my talk proposals. But finding conferences in need of speakers was a tiresome task, involving word of mouth, cold calling, and lots of “Oh, I wish I’d known they were looking for speakers!” Finally, someone cued me in on a very special page of, the “social conference directory” of upcoming and past conferences and their speakers.

Frustratingly, the page doesn’t show up on many Google searches, so it bears pointing out:

It’s a fire hose of leads, true, and you have to pick through them to find conferences that appeal to you, but it was because of this page that I ended up on a panel at BlogHer 2012.

You can filter calls by location and, to a lesser extent, by topic. It also lists calls for volunteers, papers, attendees, contest entries, and other kinds of participation, if that’s more your style. Unfortunately, what this page really needs is an RSS feed you can filter and pipe to your heart’s content!

Once you establish yourself as a reputable speaker, it’s likely that conferences will start seeking you out and you can take these training wheels off. But it’s still fun to dig around for those little gems from outside your circle of colleagues!

Happy hunting!

Added: July 30, 2013

Speakers, Take Care of Yourselves

By Raquel Vélez From my experience, “conference season” seems to come twice a year: spring and fall (or fall and spring, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). It’s the perfect time of year to have a conference: the weather is generally the best it’s going to be (not too hot, not too cold), there aren’t […]

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