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In which we ask women in public speaking to share their thoughts and stories.

Watch Yourself

By Jenn Downs When I first had the idea to write an article comparing my very first speaking gig with my most recent one, I thought I would share the following narrative: Woman gives her first talk and nervously babbles for 45 minutes. Woman can’t bring herself to watch a video of her first talk [...]

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The Best Advice on Public Speaking

The first season of the Ladies in Tech podcast is in the books! As we get ready to kick off season 2 this Thursday, we want to take a look back at one of the questions from Season 1: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on public speaking? We had such a fun [...]

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Avoiding the Condo Timeshare Sales Pitch

By Stacey Mulcahy As long as I can remember, I have loved to give toasts. It didn’t matter the occasion; it didn’t matter if there even was one. I would find a reason. Imagine the little blonde five-year-old, teetering as she stood on her dinner chair with juice box in hand, congratulating her brother who [...]

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Speakers, Take Care of Yourselves

By Raquel Vélez From my experience, “conference season” seems to come twice a year: spring and fall (or fall and spring, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). It’s the perfect time of year to have a conference: the weather is generally the best it’s going to be (not too hot, not too cold), there aren’t [...]

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From Public Freaking To Public Speaking

By Sophie Shepherd For most of my life, my feelings about public speaking have bordered on phobic and I have avoided it like the plague. I’m not proud to admit this, but in college I once feigned food poisoning to avoid a mandatory presentation. My irrational fear of speaking to a bunch of half-awake, probably-high [...]

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