Public Speaking Articles

In which we ask women in public speaking to share their thoughts and stories.

From Public Freaking To Public Speaking

By Sophie Shepherd For most of my life, my feelings about public speaking have bordered on phobic and I have avoided it like the plague. I’m not proud to admit this, but in college I once feigned food poisoning to avoid a mandatory presentation. My irrational fear of speaking to a bunch of half-awake, probably-high […]

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Speaker Notes

By Rebecca Murphey Speaking at conferences has changed the course of my life. Conferences are where I’ve met some of my best friends; they’ve taken me across the country and around the world; they’ve given me access to a network of people that means I’m never wanting for work or for guidance. They’ve also given […]

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Finding Your Killer Talk Idea

By Rachel Nabors So you want to give a talk? Excellent! More power to you. Maybe you want to give back to the community, boost your street cred, or meet people in a position to hire you. Whatever the reason, you’ve got moxie, and I salute you. Now, what are you going to talk about? […]

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Why I Speak

By Tiffani Jones Brown As a young almost-professional, I never wanted to speak at tech conferences—because I never wanted to be in tech. The idea of new innovations or bleeding edge anything never appealed to me. I wanted to be a philosophy professor, creative writer, or therapist. It wasn’t until I realized I’d be $80,000 […]

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Make Yourself Comfortable

Not too long ago, my six-year-old son invited a friend from school over for a play date. A few minutes before the boy was due to arrive, my husband and I got a call from the boy’s mother saying he had a question for us. When she put him on the phone, he began asking about a number of safety-related issues: “Do you have any smoke alarms in your house? How many? Has your house ever been on fire?”

We were a little confused why he was asking. Turns out, the little boy was pretty anxious about going to new places, generally, and about fire safety, specifically. Apparently, he would go through this routine before he visited a new place so he could feel comfortable enough to go.

I sort of think he was onto something.

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