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In which we ask women in public speaking to share their thoughts and stories.

Misfits Make Great Speakers

By Rachel Lovinger The number of women at tech conferences is growing, but we still represent a fraction of the attendees, not to mention the speakers. You may look around at a conference and say, “There aren’t a lot of people like me here.” But that’s not inherently a bad thing. Hear me out. Sometimes [...]

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Do or do not. There is no try.
– Yoda

When I was five years old, my parents took my sister, Ana, and me to Hong Kong as part of a business trip. On the last day, my mother took us into a toy store and, feeling generous, told us to pick out anything we wished. Ana chose a red toy piano.

I chose a toy computer.

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You have to ask to get a “Yes.”

By Estelle Weyl The first step to speaking at a conference is to ask to speak at the conference. To some people this is self-evident. For me, it came as a surprise: when attending my first technical conference, I assumed the organizers had asked all of the speakers to be there. It made sense to [...]

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Asking For Help

By Laura Kalbag The first web talk I ever gave took place in a little basement at a BarCamp in front of six or seven people. We chose the rooms we spoke in, so after waiting for all the other rooms to be taken, I volunteered myself for the smallest room. After all, I thought [...]

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United We Speak

By Yesenia Perez-Cruz Public speaking is rarely regarded as a team sport. Baring your soul in front of a crowd is vulnerable and personal. It’s like climbing a mountain of doubt, insecurity, nerves, and criticism—alone. Triumph usually means, “I did it.” “I conquered my self-doubt.” “I survived.” While public speaking is a deeply personal activity, [...]

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