Public Speaking Podcast

The show where Jenn Lukas and Val Head interview guests about their experiences while taking the stage! We explore overcoming fears, building confidence, and all stories around public speaking.
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Aura Seltzer Is About to Give Her First Conference Talk

Today we change things up a bit and talk to someone who has never taken the stage at a conference…yet. Designer, Aura Seltzer, joins us as she prepares for her first public speaking engagement at Confab. Aura tells us about how she has been prepping for the conference, why she wants to start public speaking, […]

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Jenn Schiffer On Why PHP is the Best Conference Subject

AKA: podcast title link bait! Let’s dig into public speaking with JavaScript-maker, art-maker, writing-maker: Jenn Schiffer! Jenn started in public speaking through teaching and then explains how she made the adjustment to speaking at conferences and how that’s been awesome. We also talk about how the lack of meetups near Jenn in North Jersey led […]

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Yesenia Perez-Cruz Asks Her Past Self for Feedback

Let’s talk public speaking in a foreign country on this episode of the Ladies in Tech podcast! Designer, Yesenia Perez-Cruz, joins us after her recent trip to Brazil, where she explains some of the adjustments she made for speaking to an international audience. We’ll also talk about prepping for your conference talk and how to […]

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Jonathan Snook Turns Writing into Speaking

Jonathan Snook joins us and talks about SMACSS, writing, workshops and more! Listen to hear about how Jonathan took an idea and expanded that idea into a book and series of workshops. Also find out his take on how to keep material fresh and interesting when you repeat information for different groups of people. To […]

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Stacey Mulcahy Takes us Behind the Scenes at Workshops

Ever wonder what it’s like to run a workshop? Speaking all day comes with a new set of rewards and challenges, find out more about those as Stacey Mulcahy joins us on the podcast. We’ll talk about how public speaking differs between all day workshops versus an hour-long talk. We’ll also talk about what makes […]

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