Public Speaking Podcast

The show where Jenn Lukas and Val Head interview guests about their experiences while taking the stage! We explore overcoming fears, building confidence, and all stories around public speaking.
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Rachel Nabors on How Speaking Can Help and Hurt Your Business

This week Rachel Nabors joins us as we take a look at some topics that are often untouched when it comes to public speaking. How do you decide when to say yes or no to a speaking engagement? Should you charge a speaker fee? How much does it cost you to give a talk? How […]

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Ari Stiles and Christopher Schmitt like Meat and Potatoes

This week we are joined by the minds behind Environments for Humans, Ari Stiles and Christopher Schmitt! They take us behind the scenes of conference organizing. E4H runs a variety of online conferences and Ari and Christopher talk to use about some of the differences that you’ll encounter in preparing and speaking at an online […]

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Jonathan Kahn talks Dare Conf

We’re back with season 3 and super happy to kick things off with guest, Jonathan Kahn! Jonathan runs #dareconf, a unique conference taking place this September in London. Submissions for this years talks are currently open! Along with that, they’re offering a talk development program to help prepare speakers for their presentations. Great for first […]

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Seb Lee-Delisle Fails Noisily

This week we conclude season 2 by welcoming digital artist and particle mastermind, Seb Lee-Delisle to the show. We go out with a pixel-firework bang as Seb tells us quite different answers to our questions on nerves and presentations styles than we’ve heard before. Proving once again, that there might not be one speaking formula […]

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Jenn Downs is Still Standing Up

This week we welcome freelance UX consultant, Jenn Downs to the show. Jenn shares what she’s learned since her first talk and how she got started speaking. (She even wrote an article about it, too.) She tells us how important it is to watch yourself on video even if it sounds like the hardest thing […]

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