Public Speaking Podcast

The show where Jenn Lukas and Val Head interview guests about their experiences while taking the stage! We explore overcoming fears, building confidence, and all stories around public speaking.
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Rebecca Murphey Only Needs Three Lines of Code

JavaScript developer, Rebecca Murphey, is our guest this week! Rebecca is a fantastic dev, writer, and speaker. Today she shares with us tips on how she organizers her notes and slides, as well as why she participates in public speaking and how nerves affect her. She’ll tell us about how she had to battle it […]

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Jason Santa Maria Opens a Typography Hotline

This week we welcome designer, Jason Santa Maria to the show. Jason may or may not be opening a type hotline, but he definitely shares with us some insight to how he approaches public speaking and shares some interesting thoughts on how he uses speaker notes within his talks. He also talks about some missteps […]

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Karen McGrane Is Thinking About Her Feet

Karen McGrane talks about how she got started in public speaking. How did she do it? With an email! We learn about how putting yourself out there can get you on the track to your speaking goals. Karen also shares a few super practical, physical tips to help you conquer nerves before you take the stage.

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Kevin Hoffman has a Weight Training Program for Nerves

Kevin Hoffman joins us on the show this week and talks about how a job as webmaster sparked his speaking career! We talk about Kevin’s first conference experience at the IA Summit and how that opportunity came about. Kevin also shares with us when he gets nervous and how he uses rehearsals, habits, and exercise […]

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Samantha Warren Gets Nervous for Nine Minutes and Thirty Seconds

Samantha tells us about how she began speaking and how that first talk led her to more experiences and opportunities. We talk about how nerves affect us and how to use them to your benefit. Samantha shares how she uses notes in talks and how to have them benefit you to the max.

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