Website:’s “Secret” RFP List

By Rachel Nabors

Confessions of a public speaker

When I first started speaking, I quickly exhausted my local conferences and needed to find other events that would accept my talk proposals. But finding conferences in need of speakers was a tiresome task, involving word of mouth, cold calling, and lots of “Oh, I wish I’d known they were looking for speakers!” Finally, someone cued me in on a very special page of, the “social conference directory” of upcoming and past conferences and their speakers.

Frustratingly, the page doesn’t show up on many Google searches, so it bears pointing out:

It’s a fire hose of leads, true, and you have to pick through them to find conferences that appeal to you, but it was because of this page that I ended up on a panel at BlogHer 2012.

You can filter calls by location and, to a lesser extent, by topic. It also lists calls for volunteers, papers, attendees, contest entries, and other kinds of participation, if that’s more your style. Unfortunately, what this page really needs is an RSS feed you can filter and pipe to your heart’s content!

Once you establish yourself as a reputable speaker, it’s likely that conferences will start seeking you out and you can take these training wheels off. But it’s still fun to dig around for those little gems from outside your circle of colleagues!

Happy hunting!

Added: July 30, 2013

42 thoughts on “Website:’s “Secret” RFP List

  1. Jenn Lukas

    Awesome! I love this part of their site. People often ask me if Ladies in Tech has a list of upcoming conferences and so far this is the best I’ve seen of something similar. Would love to know if there are more sites/lists like this! Thanks!!

  2. Karolina Szczur

    I remember when I found this quite a while ago — it was like a Holy Grail. But several times I’ve seen popular conferences tweeting about CfPs and not putting it on Lanyrd, which makes the discovery so much harder. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any alternatives. SmashingMag publishes a roundup of conferences at the beginning of each year, so you can always click through and see if there are any calls open.

  3. Emma Davis

    I haven’t yet had the pleasure (honour) of speaking at an event yet but I would love to do so and was just wondering what the protocol is regarding what speakers normally get for speaking at a conference? Do they get their expenses covered or just free access to the event or does it vary?

    I ask as if I am to put myself forward to speak I would like an idea of what it may cost me (if anything) and therefore if I need to stick to conferences / events closer to home.

    By the way, thank you for highlighting the area on Lanyrd, I didn’t know about it and have been scrolling through the plethora of requests :)


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