LIT Ep 03 Brad Frost Leaves Web, Joins Improv Troupe

Today we welcome our first non-lady to the Ladies in Tech podcast! Brad Frost shares his thoughts on women in tech, great advice on how to be a better presenter, and what happened that time when that awful thing happened. What awful thing? What did he do? Listen and find out!

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Brad Frost being himself at Reasons to be Creative. Image credit: Paulo Fierro

About Brad Frost

Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He’s passionate about creating Web experiences that look and function beautifully on the never-ending stream of connected devices, and is constantly tweeting, writing, and speaking about it. He’s also created some tools and resources for web designers, including This Is Responsive, Pattern Lab, Mobile Web Best Practices, and WTF Mobile Web.

Episode 03: Show Links

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