Jason Santa Maria Opens a Typography Hotline

This week we welcome designer, Jason Santa Maria to the show. Jason may or may not be opening a type hotline, but he definitely shares with us some insight to how he approaches public speaking and shares some interesting thoughts on how he uses speaker notes within his talks. He also talks about some missteps he’s made while speaking with regards to relying on notes and how he changed his style and rehearsing tactics to address those.

Jason standing happily on the ground. Photo Credit: Erin Sparling

About Jason

Jason Santa Maria is the co-founder and creative director of the collaborative writing platform Editorially; a faculty member in the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA; a co-founder of A Book Apart; and the founder of Typedia, a shared encyclopedia of typefaces online. Previously, he served as vice president of AIGA/NY and as creative director for A List Apart and Typekit. He’s worked for clients such as AIGA, The Chicago Tribune, Housing Works, Miramax Films, The New York Stock Exchange, PBS, The United Nations, and WordPress, with a focus on designing websites that balance beauty and usability. He discusses design on his award-winning website.

Episode 10: Show Links

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2 thoughts on “Jason Santa Maria Opens a Typography Hotline

  1. Joel

    I would so listen to a Typography Hotline podcast hosted by Jason Santa Maria. Even if it was just a 15 minute affair with a couple of questions a week. I’m sad that this isn’t actually a thing.

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