Karen McGrane Is Thinking About Her Feet

Being sick is no match for us as we welcome Karen McGrane to the show! Karen talks about how she got started in public speaking. How did she do it? With an email! We learn about how putting yourself out there can get you on the track to your speaking goals.

We also take a very in depth look at nerves. What do they mean? Why do they happen? And how Karen handles being nervous before a talk. She shares super practical tips on things you can start doing instantly to assess those nerves and conquer them. From speaking coaches to a neat unique physical trick you can do on the side of the stage. Don’t miss this one! Or any!

Karen doing her thing and even without speaker notes! Photo Credit: Eirik Helland Urke

About Karen

Karen plays nicely in the content strategy, information architecture, and interaction design sandboxes. She is Managing Partner at Bond Art + Science, a UX consultancy she founded in 2006, and formerly VP and National Lead for User Experience at Razorfish. She also teaches Design Management in the Interaction Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts. Her book, Content Strategy for Mobile, is published by A Book Apart.

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