Rachel Nabors on How Speaking Can Help and Hurt Your Business

This week Rachel Nabors joins us as we take a look at some topics that are often untouched when it comes to public speaking. How do you decide when to say yes or no to a speaking engagement? Should you charge a speaker fee? How much does it cost you to give a talk? How does public speaking help your independent business? Join us as we share things we’ve learned about helping your career with public speaking and what can hurt it.

Episode 16 with Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer, award-winning cartoonist, and host of the Infinite Canvas Screencast. She deftly blends the art of traditional storytelling with digital media to “tell better stories through code” at her interaction studio, Tin Magpie. You can catch her as @rachelnabors on Twitter and at rachelnabors.com.

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