Samantha Warren Gets Nervous for Nine Minutes and Thirty Seconds

We are back for a new season, new guests, and new questions on our under twenty-minute podcast about public speaking tips, advice, and stories! We are super pleased to welcome Samantha Warren to our show. Samantha tells us about how she began speaking and how that first talk led her to more experiences and opportunities. We talk about how nerves affect us and how to use them to your benefit. Samantha shares how she uses notes in talks and how to have them benefit you to the max. Lastly, we’ll talk about a televisoin show from the late 80’s where the main character could freeze time.

Samantha at the BarCamp DC that kicked things off! Image Credit: Patrick Haney

About Samantha

Samantha Warren designs experiences at Twitter. She has been designing for over 10 years and formerly was the Design Director at Phase2, and a web designer at Viget Labs and Ogilvy. She has spoken at industry conferences around the globe including An Event Apart, SXSW, and dConstruct.

Episode 07: Show Links

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