Seb Lee-Delisle Fails Noisily

This week we conclude season 2 by welcoming digital artist and particle mastermind, Seb Lee-Delisle to the show. We go out with a pixel-firework bang as Seb tells us quite different answers to our questions on nerves and presentations styles than we’ve heard before. Proving once again, that there might not be one speaking formula for success for everyone, but finding what works for you is a must! Seb approaches speaking with a fun, laid-back attitude and loves live coding! He even tells us about what to do when that live coding doesn’t go as planned. Hear what he has to say in our last episode of this season.

We’ll be back in March with more episodes!

Relly Annett-Baker and Seb interacting with the audience as Seb likes to do! Photo Credit: Geri Coady

About Seb

Seb Lee-Delisle is a digital artist and speaker who uses computers to engage with people and inspire them.

As an artist, he likes to make interesting things from code that encourage interaction and playfulness from the public. Notable projects include Lunar Trails, featuring a 3m wide drawing machine, and PixelPyros, the Arts Council funded digital fireworks display that toured nationwide in 2013.

As a speaker he demystifies programming and explores its artistic possibilities. His presentations and workshops enable artists to overcome their fear of code and encourage programmers of all backgrounds to be more creative and imaginative.

He won 3 Microsoft Critter awards in 2013, including Web Personality of the Year and Voice of the Year (best presenter) and he was Technical Director on Big and Small, the BBC project that won a BAFTA in 2009. Notable clients include BBC, Lego, Sony, Microsoft, Google, MLB, Nickelodeon, Philips, and Unilever.

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