Yesenia Perez-Cruz Asks Her Past Self for Feedback

Let’s talk public speaking in a foreign country on this episode of the Ladies in Tech podcast! Designer, Yesenia Perez-Cruz, joins us after her recent trip to Brazil, where she explains some of the adjustments she made for speaking to an international audience. We’ll also talk about prepping for your conference talk and how to know if your idea for a talk is a good one.

Episode 19 with Yesenia Perez-Cruz

Yesenia at Artifact Conference. Image credit: Chris Casciano

Yesenia is senior designer at Happy Cog in Philadelphia, where she creates beautiful, functional design systems for clients like MTV, Zappos, and Iron Chef Jose Garces. She teaches for GirlDevelopit, and has spoken at conferences like Artifact, Blend, and SXSW.

270 thoughts on “Yesenia Perez-Cruz Asks Her Past Self for Feedback

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