Rachel Lovinger Discovers a Groundbreaking Antihistamine

It’s the fifth episode of our podcast and we’re super happy to have Rachel Lovinger on the show! Rachel tells us about what happens when she tries to change her approach to presenting, which is full of fabulous lessons. We also talk about how to prep for speaking engagements, thoughts on women in tech, and metal forging! Don’t miss this episode featuring honest stories about facing our fears!

Rachel at the Panic office in Portland, OR, during XOXO fest. Image credit: Lis Pardi

About Rachel

Rachel Lovinger is an Experience Director and Content Strategist at Razorfish NYC. She’s spoken at conferences around the world on the topics of Content Strategy, Semantic Technology, and Interactive Experiences. She’s dedicated to exploring a future in which information is more effectively structured and useful connections are more easily revealed. You can find her in short form on Twitter and in longer form on Scatter/Gather.

Episode 05: Show Links

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