We love technology! We love public speaking! We love gender equality!
You love technology! You love public speaking! You love gender equality!
Sounds like you might be a great fit to sponsor the new Ladies in Tech podcast!

Ladies in Tech supports and celebrates female speakers in technology by publishing articles about women’s experiences in the public speaking world; giving away tickets to conferences; and now, sharing lessons and adventures in speaking (in guest’s own voices) through our new podcast!

Val Head and Jenn Lukas host each episode, which features a different guest (male or female) each week. The show lasts about 15-30 minutes and includes questions and discussions about all things public speaking – from the craziest thing to happen to a speaker on stage, to the best advice received on public speaking, to conquering nerves. The podcast is fun and fast paced and provides a new modality for us to reach our ever-growing audience.

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We are working hard to expose these subjects to as many people as possible. With your help, we can make sure we can keep producing more episodes.

Details on sponsorship:

  • We have only one sponsor per show. All ears on you!
  • We will highlight your generous sponsorship twice: once at the beginning of the show and once at the end.
  • We will provide your sponsor logo and link on the podcast episode’s page on ladiesintech.com.
  • The cost for the sponsorship is $300 for each show.
  • You will be supporting and shining a light on a topic that we truly believe in, encouraging all speakers in technology, especially women.

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