Steph Hay Ignites a User Riot

We’ve come to our final episode of the first season! The fantastic Steph Hay joins us and shares stories, advice, and laughs! We talk about “user” vs “member” and how dialect in talks can affect your reception. Steph shares advice from a speaking coach as well as bonus advice from Jared Spool – a public speaking pro. We talk the importance of creating story arcs and how that can draw people in. Plus, Steph tells us about CrossFit and how to deal with terrible pictures of you on the interwebs. Lastly, we’ll chat about finding people who want your brain. Not zombies. Promise. All in under twenty minutes!

Steph talking about content strategy at Confab.

About Steph

Steph Hay is a UX consultant who uses words to build and grow businesses. She loves CrossFit, Google, and ramen.

Episode 06: Show Links

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We’ll be back in early January with new episodes and new questions for Season 2! Have a great new year!

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