The Monthly Topic

When you talk to people about why they aren’t into public speaking, a lot of the answers involve not knowing where to start or what to talk about. The Monthly Topic aims to solve that. We give you a topic, a time limit and some primary and secondary goals for the topic. You create a short presentation on it. You pair up with another partner or two or fives and share it! Either in person, through Skype, an uploaded video, or our Vimeo channel. The presentations will be short and help provide a starting point for practice. We’ll provide you with a feedback form you can use to collect feedback from your partners if you’d like. The message board will be utilized to find partners to work with! So be sure to sign up.

We want to give y’all a short bit of time to get familiar with the site and join the message board before putting the first topic up here. Will be coming shortly though, so get moving!