Giveaway: Win a ticket to Artifact

We want you to attend and speak at more conferences, so the conference giveaway love continues at Ladies in Tech! Next up: a free ticket to ARTIFACT in Providence, RI on November 4th and 5th!

Closing party fun at Artifact. Image credit: Artifact Conf

Read on below to find out how to win and more about the conference from the organizer, Jen Robbins.

A Q&A with Jen Robbins, organizer of Artifact

Q: Tell Us About Artifact!

ARTIFACT is a conference for web designers and developers who need to adapt their workflows, processes, and tools to the challenges of designing for a multi-device web. The first Artifact in Austin, TX in May was a sold-out and rousing success, so we decided to run it again on the East Coast. It is in Providence because of its proximity to both Boston and New York City, plus I live there and want people to see what a hip little city we have.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences for designers that were all big ideas and inspirations, and I’ve been to conferences for developers filled with of practical, how-to information. What I wanted was a practical, how-to conference for designers! Don’t tell me that a platform is powerful–show me HOW you use it! I know static Photoshop comps aren’t cutting it as deliverables, but SHOW ME the alternatives. I’m aiming to shorten the learning curve for designers and developers who are feeling the strain of changing their well-worn design and business habits now that responsive web design is here to stay.

We deliberately keep Artifact small and single-track. The small size allows attendees not to feel anonymous in the crowd. In Austin, people in the audience felt empowered to ask questions and even participate in the speakers’ presentations. Because it is single-track, everyone has the same experience and it fosters a sense of community. And as Brad Frost drove home in his closing presentation, now is the time that folks in the web design field need to work together and share their successes and failures so we can move the medium forward. I like to think that Artifact is helping form those bonds. Plus, hey, great parties!

Q: You have a great line-up for the event! How did you choose the speakers?

Thanks, I’m incredibly honored to have this collection of pioneers and overall lovely people speaking at Artifact.

I think this conference came together differently than most. I had been giving a talk called “Designers and Code and Workflows and Stuff” about how mobile is forcing us to change the way we do our design work and present it to clients. The 2013 Artifact programming is based on the storyline of that presentation.

I started with an idea from that talk, such as “if not Photoshop layouts, then what?!”, then I did a lot of research online to find people who were exploring alternatives, then I invited those writers to come talk on that subject. To answer that Photoshop question, Yesenia Perez-Cruz, Ben Callahan, and Daniel Mall presented a number of deliverables that make more sense than Photoshop layouts in a responsive workflow. I balanced that out with Dan Rose who talks about ways that Photoshop still has its place. So the points I wanted to make came first, then I found just the right person to elaborate on each idea.

Q: What advice do you have for speakers that would love to speak at your conference?

For most of the sessions in Artifact, I am looking for specific advice or how-to information. As I already mentioned, I don’t want you to tell me that X Technique is important, show me how to do it. I like to think of Artifact as a short course on responsive workflow, so I ask my speakers to be in “teacher mode” rather than just “speaker mode.” We extended the length of some of the sessions to an hour and a half to accommodate show-and-tell time.

I am beginning to put together the program for 2014, so if anyone would like to share the nitty-gritty details of what has worked (or not worked!) in making the transition to responsive web design, please drop me a line at “jen [at]”.

Readers can use my name “ROBBINS” as a discount code to save $100 off the ticket price. I hope to see some of you there!

To win, complete these two steps by Wednesday Oct 2 10am EDT:

Step one: post your favorite online design resource for mobile/multi-platform design in the comments

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  1. colleen

    I use Boulton Design’s Gridset to quickly set up responsive grids with different layouts for different widths. They handle the css of the grid(s) so I can concentrate on the rest of the design.

  2. Elaine

    I am just getting started with responsive design and trying to learn as much as I can as a designer. I’ve been looking into Foundation as a responsive framework to design in.

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