Giveaway: Win a Ticket to Web Design Day

It’s a very busy week here at Ladies in Tech, we’ll have two new giveaways this week and an awesome new featured article coming up! Today, we are super stoked to be giving away a ticket to Web Design Day in Pittsburgh! A fantastic one-day conference taking place October 25, 2013.

Last year at Web Design Day 2012. Image credit: Val Head

Read on below to find out how to win, but first, what would a contest be without knowing a bit more about the conference? Organizer Val Head shares with us more about Web Design Day and some advice for speaking to a diverse audience:

A Q&A with Val Head, organizer of Web Design Day

Q: Tell Us About Web Design Day!

Web Design Day is a compact and friendly conference that brings the best of web design to Pittsburgh. It’s a one-day conference with high-end presentations from some of the best in our industry, covering real world solutions to the challenges we all share. This year we’re also following that up with a day of Responsive Web Design workshops for that extra educational punch.

Web Design Day is always my favourite day of the year. It’s so inspiring to see everyone having a good time, getting new ideas, and making new connections while they’re here! There are a few friends I only seem to see at Web Design Day, so that makes it extra special too.

Q: You recently moved to Philadelphia but Web Design Day takes place in Pittsburgh, will there be a Web Design Day 2014?

We’ve always taken Web Design Day one year at a time, mostly as a stress-management measure. I could never have guessed how fast and how much the event has grown over the past five years! Right now we’re focusing on making this year’s event as awesome as possible, and then in November we’ll start talking 2014. People run events in cities they don’t live in all time, so geography won’t be an issue I’m sure.

Q: Do you have any advice for our readers when they are submitting proposals to conferences like yours?

We’re a one-day single track conference and that format greatly influences the talks we choose. Our audience is generally an even split between Designers, Developers, and the people that work with them (Studio Owners, Project Managers, etc.). With everyone in the same room for all the talks, we have to make sure that the topics are something that appeal to all three of those audience groups, not just one at a time.

If you’re submitting a talk proposal to an event like ours, make sure your topic is something that the whole team might find interesting in some way, not just the designers or the developers. It’s especially good if your topic is something that might get them all talking to each other about how they work together too.

To win a ticket to this great conference, do these two things by this Friday, Sept 27th at 10am EDT:

1. Leave a comment on this page sharing with us: what’s your favorite aspect about a one-day conference? And then:
2. Tweet a link to this article!

Good luck!!

10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Ticket to Web Design Day

  1. Lisa Yoder

    As an introvert, I think I can focus and perform better at one day conferences because I know I can do my best during my “on” time without trying to spread that energy over a few days. That, and I appreciate that it’s easier to take time later to process and reflect on everything I learned or encountered during a one day conference.

  2. Katelyn Hare

    My favorite thing about a one-day conference is having all kinds of information presented at one convienant time then going home and having everything sink in. Other types of conferences that have more than one part can get tricky on people’s schedules.

  3. Amanda

    It’s a bit silly, but what I like best about one day conferences is that it’s easier to stay focused. I follow a lot of conference tweets while at work, but Tweetdeck often hides tweets more than a week old. So when I’m really busy, I sometimes don’t get a chance to read, favorite, and retweet the best tweets about the conference. With a one day conference, it’s much easier for me to catch all the good stuff.

  4. Deborah

    I like one-day conferences because I don’t feel as overwhelmed with new information and methods. I can go home, review my notes, get confirmation that what I’m currently doing with projects makes sense, or consider how to implement new strategies I’ve learned from the conference.

    Given this conference is on a Friday, I have the entire weekend to reflect on the conference, my notes, and yes, tweets about the event.

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  6. LeeAnn

    I enjoy one-day conferences because of the energy they have. I think it’s easier to go to a one day conference and go to as many talks/workshops as possible without getting overwhelmed thinking there are a few more days ahead of you. You can go hard and take everything in and then relax and soak it all in the next day or few days.

  7. Emily Hom-Nici

    Honestly, the best part about a one day conference is that it allows you to work an amazing experience into your busy schedule. Jam packing a day with conference quality/style info and speakers helps us busy designers learn quickly and efficiently.
    Stuff your brains to the brim one day, go home, and evaluate what you’ve learned for many days after….but on your own time.

    This conference sounds amazing. I would LOVE to attend it as a senior design student about to hit the workforce.


  8. Diane Walter

    One-day conferences are a firehose of awesome. I love soaking it all in and taking what I’ve learned back to work the next day!

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